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How to Edit Your Documents

How do you edit the documents I provide??  I created a quick video tutorial for you!!! It's so easy to download my documents and very easy to personalize too!!  We are very busy here and I created this quickly!! Not the best video recording, but it should help you. 
Here are some examples of the covers i've made. 

I haven't created spines for all the notebook covers I've made. If you'd like me to create them for certain covers, just leave a note for me in the comment sections. 
I haven't shared my Pokemon cover yet. I'll be doing that next week along with April and Mays Calenders!!!  I also have a Star Wars covers that i'm going to be sharing.  May the Force be with you!!! God Bless and Enjoy!! 

David Turned 8!! - Celebrate with 3 NEW Notebook Covers!

What a great and busy weekend we had!! I can't believe that my 4th child, my baby, my gentle giant turned 8 years old!! It seems like just yesterday I held him in my arms trying to decide a name for him. It took my husband and me a few hours to name him. 
We had purchased tickets to see the Kratt brothers months back. We knew Sarah had a gymnastics meet that weekend but never thought it would be on the same day as the tickets!! Turns out it was!! She had her meet, the Brittany Coppedge Invitational in Raleigh at 1pm. The show started at 4:30. 
We made it!! David had no idea that we had gotten him tickets. We had also gotten him a new video game for his Ninetendo Switch!! He found out at the meet about seeing the Kratt Brothers.  He is such a sweet young man. I was so happy to surprise him with this. 
Sarah had a great time with her event. She didn't do as well on the floor as she had in the past. I saw her face when her team mate KILLED it on the floor and scored a 9.8. I was…

Ephesians 2:10

Our Pastor has been reading through Ephesians. What a great book. It doesn't hurt that our pastor is a wonderful teacher. I usually don't brag about pastors, but this one and his family are amazing!!!  They're sweet, knowledgable and HUMBLE!!  Very real. We are a world that is looking for REAL!! Real followers of Christ! Real People! Real Sinners!!!  If that's the case , you've come to the right place.  Ephesians 2:10 really speaks to me. I created this 36x24 poster.  I'm actually using it as my desktop background on my compter.  What a great reminder that we are HIS!! Created for GOOD WORKS!! In Christ!! 
You can download and print out... have it printed out on photopaper and frame!!! 
Please do not share this file directly. Have people come here to download it. 
God Bless, Laura

Everyone Needs a Little Color.....

It's been dreary and rainy here in NC. Time to share something colorful!!! 

I think this is my favorite attendance sheet and Goal Card ever!!! Mermaid!! it's so pretty!!!  My daughter is too old for this, but I thought someone else might enjoy it!!!  It's bold , it's bright... I love it!! 

You can download this for free!!! No need to Join my blog, or even follow me. I would appreciate if you did follow me. You can also follow me on Instagram. #Mother4Jesus
Print out the matching goal card and laminate them together for the year!!! 

I print these out on cardstock. Laminate and fill in the dates with a sharpie. At the end of the year, make a copy and file away. Clean off with alcohol and reuse for the following year. 
Your student will have a great time marking off her school days and her daily work.  Don't forget to celebrate your 100th Day!!!
**Please do NOT share this file with anyone. Send them here to download. I do not require an email. I don't put a water…

Can We Talk Curriculum?? Reviews??

I have two adult children that I homeschooled through high school.  Can we talk curriculum reviews??  In the 20+ years that i've been homeschooling, i've tried many, many curriculums. Different types, different styles, different prices, etc. 
When I started homeschooling, I had many STRONG opinions. Which is really funny, considering I had very little experience. 
That is the reason for this post.  With 20+ years of experience what i've learned is what i'm going to share. 
Ready?  I don't know that much. Yup.. The older I get, the less I know.  Also,  There is NO bad curriculum.  I'm going to say that again. 
I've used, Alpha Omega lifepacs, switched on schoolhouse, Sonlight, My Father's World, Bob Jones, Abeka, Logic of English, Teaching Text Books, Math-u-see, Kahn Academy, Easy Peasy Online, Singapore Math, Apologia Science, Hooked on Phonics, Teach your child to read in 100 Lessons, Funnix, Usborne, Clartias Press Aca…

Fruit of the Spirit Wall Art

I love Galatians 5:22-23.  The kids and I have been memorizing this with a cute song.  I enjoy creating wall art. I like to create these posters. I send them to my local walmart and have them printed. This is a 12x18. I can get an inexpensive frame and BOOM!!! Wall art.  Since you all can download this for save money!!! 
How can I create these and give them away for free?? Easy.. I have so many creative ideas, i'll NEVER be able to use them all. I love to share them. I make money from the advertisers on my blog. Please don't share this file directly with friends and family. Please have them come to my blog to down load this. I don't require an email. I don't require that you follow my blog. It's appreicated if you do. You can also follow me on Instagram. #Mother4Jesus. Please share this blog link or pin this blog. 
Enjoy & Happy decorating,  Laura

March Comes In like a Lion.......With a Little Sparkle

I love planners... All kinds of planners. For me carrying around a planner didn't work. I don't know why? I find that I put my appointments in my ICalendar. I have an iphone, Ipad and a Mac desktop, so they all sync up. Do you know what doesn't sync up?? The rest of my family. For some reason, my husband, who is an Applications Specialist, doesn't look at the Calendar. So our daily conversations start out with, "What are your plans for today?"  😏 I was trying to find a way to have our weekly and monthly plans out in the open for EVERYONE!!!. A one-Stop place for ALL Plans, appointments and agendas to be written down. A visual masterpiece for all to see!! An organizational dream !!!! Ok, so that's a bit dramatic. 😂
I wanted a calendar that I could leave out. I didn't want it on the fridge. I don't like a cluttered fridge.  I wanted something I could put in a frame or laminate.  I came up with these. 
A two -page Calendar that can be printed out,…

Still Using ACE...An updated Review

A few years ago, I posted a review of ACE.  Since then we moved from NY to NC and a few people have asked for an updated review.

Here it is...I'm still using ACE. We still love it!! It's a great curriculum for us!! 
Sarah , also known as Flippin Princess is 10 now. She's in 5th grade. This year we decided to join a Classical Conversations Community. We used a Classical Curriculum with ACE, Claritas in the past, but wanted the community for David, my 7 y/o son. 
David, also known as Daveman2011, is now in 2nd grade and doing all ACE and Classical conversations Foundations. 
Sarah is doing Foundations and Essentials. ACE and our other classical curriculum, MORE than prepared her for Essentials. She is fitting right in, doing her diagramming and loving it!! 

David is enjoying ALL of ACE 2nd grade and Foundations memory work. It's a lot but because ACE is so easy to implement, we've not had a problem 
We also school year round, taking July off. CC is only 24 weeks of t…

Getting Ideas for Next year - Notebook Covers

This time of the year, we're finishing up this years work with the thought of next year in the back of our minds.  For some, like myself, we already know what we're doing. I will be organizing and rearranging our school room to better fit what we really use. Nothing like having tons of books around that we never used. It makes me feel inferior that we never got to all those great literature books. I know that It's ok, but still, having them around bothers me. I'll be putting them away, so that my guilt goes with it. (Just keeping it real)
One way that I reorganize is new notebook covers for the kids. My son loves to have covers that reflect his personality. Same for my daughter. These are some standard covers that I use in binders. I've used standard binders but I find that heavy duty binders are the way to go. Yes, you can save a few dollars, but usually those binders have to be replaced. Either the rings tend to open, or the pocket inside rips, or the cover bend…

Spring Attendance

February is the shortest month of the year but can feel like the longest for homeschoolers!! Spring fever sets in!! Looking forward to the fresh smell of the spring flowers!! I created this cute attendance and matching goal card set. 
Print them out and laminate them together or slip them in a dry erase pocket to reuse. 
Please do not share these files directly with friends. Send them here to my blog to download. 
Many Blessings,  Laura

Bug Season is coming!!

Do your children love insects? Mine do. They love every creepy, crawly thing you can imagine. My daughter use to enjoy catching bees!! yes!! Bees!!!  I'd find these large bumble bees under a cup. Why?? I have no idea. When I asked her, she would tell me , "To observe them.".  That's actually a great answer. Observation is one of the key ingredients to learning. 
One thing that homeschoolers must do in almost every state is keep a record of attendance.  Why not enjoy it with some bugs??  I created these cute Bug Attendance sheets and matching Goal Cards!!! 
Just click on the links under each picture to download.  Please do NOT share these files with anyone. Send them here to download their own. I do not require membership or an email!!! 

February Goal Card

For many homeschoolers, February is a dreaded month!  It's been a long school year and by this time, we're tired.  What a great time for some new goal cards!!  This fun print can be used any time of the year. I added in some hearts for fun.  You can always put the date in the hearts and your students name in the label box. 
Just Print, laminate, or stick in a dry erase pocket and enjoy. 
I use mine with sharpie markers and clean them off weekly with alcohol. 
**Please do NOT Share the file with anyone. Send them here, to my blog to download.  I downloaded these graphics from Chantahlia Design. Please visit her site to create your own documents. 

Goal Cards - Teaching and Accountability

The title of this blog post sounds VERY Serious!! It's not. 😁
One thing that's true, is that we want to teach our children to take control of their school work and chores. As a mom and teacher, this means that not only do I teach them HOW, I also give them the tools they need. 
For moms using ACE or Accelerated Christian Education at home, the goal cards are great. I enjoy being able to reuse them by laminating them. I also LOVE to add a little color to life. I love seasonal goal cards. 
One benefit of the goal cards is that the students can set their own daily work goals. While this doesn't seem important, it REALLY is. I can't tell you how my daughter's ability to organize her day and get her school work done has helped her. She's a gymnast and spends about 12 hours a week at the gym.  She goes 4 days a week for 3 hours. This doesn't include the exercising and drills she does at home. This keeps her very busy. The goal cards help her to hold HERSELF acc…

Creating checklists.....

We want our children to be independent. We want them to get their work done without having to tell them.  Isn't that a little fantasy we all have?? I know I STILL need a reminder for some things that have to get done. I love making lists. These help me to stay organized and accountable. I make lists for my children. I love to create bright colorful lists for them. 
Lists help them to stay accountable to themselves!! They have the list. I even did this with chores. You know how you send your child to clean a room, then they come back and you begin to question them?? "Did you wipe your furniture?" Did you clean UNDER your bed?" Did you pick up ALL your dirty clothes?" That drove me nuts! I decided to put it all on a check list. This way, if they checked it, then it means that they did it!! 

One side has their morning and evening routines and the other has zone cleaning or room cleaning. I personalized them . Now my 10 y/o daughter knows what she needs to do in t…