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It's a Pinterest World

I love pinterest. I seriously go there instead of searching the internet. If I need a unit study on a topic, a recipe, curriculum review, craft ideas..... The list goes on and on. I do love all the great ideas I find. I actually do try some of them. SOME OF THEM.

One thing that i've had people ask me , as a homeschooler is, "How do you entertain them all day?".
I'm stupified at that question. It confuses me. Do people really think I "entertain" my children all day?
No wonder people are intimidated by homeschooling moms!! They think we teach them, keep the home clean, cook, shop, AND entertain our children all day!

That is IMPOSSIBLE. I know that some of the blogs out there would have you thinking that but i'm sure if you chatted with that blogger mom, you'd get a different picture.

Pinterest is a great place to get great ideas for a rainy day. Yes, I've made flubber and homemade playdoh but that was on snowy days when we had the extra time....N…