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A Week in Disposables

Last week my washing machine broke. Ugh!! a week without a washing machine is annoying. Especially annoying when you use cloth diapers, cloth wipes and unpaper towels. I never realized how much cloth I actually use.

I had to put David into disposable diapers because I couldn't have his cloth diapers sitting in urine for a week. I took the dirty ones to my local laundramat and when I brought them home, I put them back in the diaper pail so that I could give them a good washing once my machine was fixed.

I had some disposables from Hurricane Irene. We knew that we'd be losing electricity. I didn't have to use them that long, so we still had a large box in our garage.

At first, I kinda liked the disposables. I liked how trim they were. David's clothing fit much better with them. Then he went poo in them and I REALLY liked throwing the poo in the garbage. It was at this point I thought to myself, "Maybe this won't be so bad?".

Later on David crawled over …

How Many are too many??

Can you have too many cloth diapers??? Do I really need enough diapers for a week?

The answer to both questions are "NO".

1. I don't think I can have too many diapers. I don't usually start potty training my children till they're closer to 3. So all my diapers will get used...even if I've got 50. With a large rotation of diapers I don't have to worry about running out of diapers or wearing out my diapers so quickly.

2. I don't need enough diapers for a week. I would NEVER let my diapers sit in urine for that long. I usually wash every other day and sometimes EVERY Day. The longer you let your diapers sit in the urine and bacteria, the shorter the life span of the diaper. Urine will eat through all your PUL and Elastic.

There's a great article with more specific data about this issue:

I could easily get away with 24 pocket diapers. My problem is that I LOVE all the cute minky prints and n…