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Catchy title, eh?
I'm really enjoying Sarah. She has a smile that can melt butter and she glows when she smiles. She wakes up smiling...even when she' s hungry..she smiles while i'm changing her diaper.She smiles in her bath. She's going on 3 months old...what a fun age. This is also the time when I start letting them cry to soothe themselves at night. I'm not looking forward to it but it's necesary.
She is trying to sit up...which is funny because although she does much better holding her head up...she's still not holding it up all the time. I laugh when she tightens up her tummy muscles in an attempt to sit up. How cute.
She drools like a faucet. What's up with all the drool? There has to be some use for it? I wonder? We could bottle it and see if there is a use for baby drool. She produces about a gallon a day. I have to change her clothing and mine through out the day. sheesh. People ask me..."OH is she sleeping through the night yet? "...I&…