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If They Weren't sooo Cute...

It seems that children know instinctly when we've had enough. David has this sense....Today he was crying and I had to put him down. I said, "Ok, that's can cry". I put him down, he seemed to understand that I was at my wits end, looked up at me and smiled from ear to ear. Which of course sent joy coursing through my entire body. Sheeesh.

I love being a mom and especially having another chance is sooo exciting, but I do feel it physically. My allergies are acting up so that is especially hard for me. When I was younger, I had all the energy, never got was perfect. Too bad my priorities were wrong, my parenting techniques were not consistent and my patience..well, I didn't have any.

I've got patience, priorities, love for doing what I do...just not exactly the energy. I do know that once this weight comes off, I have much more energy, but until I'm done nursing David, it's here to stay. Did I mention that my cute smiler wants nothin…

It's Getting Through

Sarah is almost like a first born. She was the first child in a long time. She seems to of had an issue with sharing or being greedy. I think that's starting to get better. Rob, my husband, took her to Toy's R Us today to spend some birthday money. She wanted to get the horse from Toy Story, Bullseye. She got Jessie and Woody for her birthday. She came home with a present for David too. That was very sweet of her.

David is crawling and grabs her toys. Today I told her not to grab it from him but to take it and give him something else so that we don't teach him to grab. She did it and she did it so tenderly.

ahhh...I love 3 year olds.

Sarah's Turning 3!!!

Oh how the time goes by soooo ;quickly. I know for alot of mom's it doesn't go by quickly enough but I can tell you that One day you WILL miss this time.

I think because my husband and I get to experience this all over again, there's a certain patience and sweetness, because we both KNOW how quickly it goes. I treasure every cuddle and playtime I can.

Sarah is going to be 3 in 3 days...gone are the days of diapers and binkies...she' growing and learning. She's actually learning her letter sounds. Friends and relatives see her "ABC's" on the fridge and they say, "Oh Sarah what letter is this?"..I have to laugh..she knows what letter, how to sign it and now she's learning the phonetic sounds. ha ha ha

Sarah loves when I read to her. I read to her every morning, and most afternoon's. David sits in my lap and seesm to enjoy it too. This makes all the reading together much easier. If David isnt' in the mood to sit, he plays on the …