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When Homeschooling Isn't a Good Choice.

I know my title may upset many but there are times where homeschooling isn't a good choice. There...I said it.

When I had my younger two children, there was no doubt that i'd be homeschooling. I had already homeschooled my older two through high school and I simply love doing it.

My reasons for homeschooling my younger two is that I simply love being with them and teaching them. This however, is VERY different than the reasons I homeschooled my older two.

With my older two, I was going to give the a better education, more God-centered. I was going instill in them the biblical and moral values I felt were important and more importantly , I was keeping the government from instilling their political and social morals to my children. This is what I would tell people....Now, here are some of the reasons in my heart.
*I was going to be a perfect parent.
*I was going to keep them from making the same mistakes I made
*I was going to have perfect teens who never rebelled.

I'm being…

3rd Grade - Science & Social Studies #1027

These are starting to get fun!! I love looking up different things to add.

The sun, moon and stars
Tides and the Moon
The moon
All about Stars
Hubble Space Telescope

There are so many youtube video's, I couldn't possibly list them all. I'll edit this list as I go.

Social Studies:

Continent Song  **I'm partial to this little gal**


Longitude and Latitude 

Longitude & Latitude song

Another great resource that I love are the Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedias. These are great , year after year. You can find most of the topics in one of their books. I am not an Usborne Rep, and I do not receive any compensation for my endorsement. If you have a local rep, I highly recommend starting a library of them. If you don't, here is a great mom that I use. She's helpful and quickly answers your questions. You can also find her on Facebook. Here is her link: Jennifer Mason

There are so many topics that you can spin off on.

I would really lov…

ACE "Offices"

I know that many homeschoolers are told, "It's not school at's homeschooling". For my children that doesn't work. They LOVE school at home and was made aware of that when my daughter fell in love with A.C.E, Accelerated Christian Education. I can't complain because she loves school, her reading has improved and her math is great. Not to mention it's one of the easiest curriculums to implement at home. When it's's right!!

The other day my daughter ( 2nd grade, 7 y/o) said to me, "Mom, You know those offices that Ace gets to use at his school? Can I have one?"

I looked at my child and said, "uuummmmmm Yes!!!!"  "Hold on a minute".. My mind was racing with crafty goodness!!! I had a trifold science board down in the basement and my brain was whirling with ideas. *I know where my daughter gets her annoying love of crafting from. * 

I cut the board in half. One for her and one for her brother. They wer…