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Outside the "box".

Many have asked me why I don't use a "boxed" curriculum set. I agree that it would be easier...not necessarily less expensive but definitely easier.

Last year I used Bob Jones for kindergarten. While this is a fast moving , advanced curriculum, I didn't find it to be as thorough as I would of liked. I would prefer to spend more time on a concept and have the child master it, rather than throw a bunch of topics at my child and see what sticks.

This year I decided to use Math-u-See, (MUS), Logic of English, (LOE), Biblio Plan for History , (BP), and Apologia for Science.

Why separate curriculum's for each subject??
If you'll notice, each curriculum is a specialty for these companies.

For instance, I started 1st grade with Sarah this month, June. We school year round and had taken a few weeks off for me to prep for `1st grade. What i'm noticing is that with MUS we spend more time on each concept. A full week. If my child mastered the concept, then we can mo…