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Who's Watching Who??

This Sunday the Lord showed me something. I'm not sure why He did, but, As i've learned , His ways are always best.

One thing I try to do is keep Sarah with me most of the time. She's home with me, usually in the same room with, cooking , playing. I don't believe that children learn good social skills from other children. How can they? The other children are learning too. Our children learn their social, life and spiritual habits from their parents. The only thing socializing gives us is the opportunity to see the areas that our child needs to be trained better in. It also gives us an opportunity to teach our children to not do what other children do.

What I normally do is wear Sarah in my Ergo carrier during worship and then once Pasto O starts his sermon, I head into our church cafe to listen. There are tables w/ chairs and Sarah can color and play while I watch and listen to the sermon on the monitor.

While wearing Sarah on me during worship, I open…