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Go With Your Gut

Yay!!! You're pregnant!! Now the choices come and along with that , the mommy guilt.  Here's what I have to say to that......

Natural birth? Medication?? Home birth??? Wine??  **Go with your gut!!
Formula?? Breast feeding?? Chocolate?? **Go with  your gut!!!
To vaccinate, or NOT to vaccinate??  **Go with your gut!!
Cloth diapers?? Disposables?? Naked??  **Go with your gut!!
When to start solids?? Extended nursing???  **Go with your gut!!!!

(See where I'm going with this?? ) 
Oh the list goes on... it gets better. 
Co-Sleeping?? Crib?? Floor??  **Go with your gut!!!
Gentle parenting?? Positive Parenting?? Figure it out as you go??  **Go with your gut!!!
When to Potty train?? 2? 3? 24?? **Go with your gut!!!
Binki?? No Binki??  **Go with  your gut!!
Organic?? Non-Organic?? Dirt?? **Go with your gut!! 
Preschool?? No Preschool?? College ??  **Go with your gut!!
This list goes on  and on and on......
Well meaning friends make you feel insecure.  If you feel like a round peg in …