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A Legacy of Honor

It's been a while since I blogged and published. This post may upset many but it needs to be said.

I was never able to meet my grandfather. My mother's, dad. He was from Germany. What I know about him is from the many stories my mother shared with me. The stories were powerful and still have a hold of my heart. Although I was never able to meet him here, I look forward to the day I meet him in our real home, with the Lord.

My grandfather came to America via the "under ground". At this point Hitler was in full command in Germany and although he hadn't unleashed his full power it was coming and many knew it. My grandfather was one of them. He took all the money he had and left in the middle of the night.

Arriving here in America was a dream for him. He went straight to St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC. He walked in, put the last of the change , that was in his tattered clothing, into the offering plate and prayed. Thanking the Lord to be in America.

Once the …