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I love bibs. When Sarah was younger, she drooled like a faucet. It was so bad that she'd go through tons of bibs every day. She'd soak one and then I'd put on another. I wished that I had a bib that would absorb more drool....

I think I came up with something that will help... "Zorb" bibs...or as I like to call them, "Drool Catchers".

I took my bib pattern and I added a layer of Zorb. Zorb is a man-made material that a company in Canada came up with, , It's extremely absorbant and it's being used in cloth diaper soakers.

I used it in the smaller bibs because the bigger/longer bibs are really for older babies, who have usually gotten their drooling under control.

This is my "Drool Catcher"..I love holiday prints. This one is my favorite. The bib's outter is cotton with a matching cotton print on the back, zorb center.

These are cotton pink and blue butterflys on one side with Crushed Panne velour on the other. A…

My !st Pocket Diaper

Well, I've finally lost my mind.....

Not only do I use cloth diapers...I've decided to learn how to make my own. I'm not off to a good start. My 1st one, the "REAL" 1st one, wasn't even usable. I don't know what happened. Iused the Jalie pattern and it was really difficult. I love the way they looked but the video made it look easier then it really was. Considering i'm new to sewing, I think I took on more then I could chew. or in my

This one came out much better. It's the Raspberry PUL Outter with Alova Microsuede liner. I'm using Microfiber inserts. This one was made with the DDU Pattern (Darling Diaper Unlimited). This pattern is great. Lots of great instructions with pictures. Nothing fancy, just a great usable diaper. You can make covers, fitteds, AIO's and Pockets with this one pattern. It also gives you the sizes you need for the inserts or soakers. It's a great pattern , well worth the $12.50.

Here are some pics:


Climbing Mt. Everest

NOT REALLY!! Like i'd really climb Mt. Everest? I'm too busy....sewing. :0)

Sarah is climbing up the stairs. This isn't a great feat by our standards but to a 1 year old...this is Mt. Everest. She'd been eyeing the stairs for a long while. I finally said to her, "Go ahead, lets go upstairs". She started climbing like she'd been watching me and just waiting for the go-ahead.

She started climbing, laughing and then mid-way up the stairs she turned around and looked down. I realized that she must be looking to see how high she was. How high does that seem to a 1 y/o? She squealed in delight as she realized that she was actually doing it. She continued to climb all the way to the top. She stood up and looked down the stairs and smiled a huge smile from ear-to-ear. She was very proud of herself. She had just conquered her Mt. Everest.

Later when Daddy got home, I said..."Oh show Daddy how you can climb the stairs"...without missing a beat, she turned a…

"Hello World"....

This seems to be Sarah's out-look on life right now. She smiles and waves at everyone!!

I take her grocery shopping with me and she sits in her cart. Huge smile on her face. Starring at all the faces passing by. She'll see one that she likes and a huge grin comes across her face. Sometimes someone will smile at her first....a Huge grin comes across her face.

She's starting to notice all the words she's been taught to sign. She'll see "milk" in the grocery store, say it and sign it, With a Huge grin across her face. It's like she's connecting the words, signs and object.

Isn't it wonderful to have life be this simple and happy? She wakes up smiling and loves to look outside to see what the day will bring.

I get to go to bed with a Huge grin across MY face.