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Back In the Land of Cloth Diapers!!

Sarah's rash finally cleared up. Praise God!! This rash didn't seem to bother her but was a stubborn and persistent nuisance!!

Because of her rash, we were using disposable diapers. To be honest, I LIKED EM'!! I liked throwing out the mess. What I didn't like was the cost...and I didn't like how they felt when they were wet. I could feel the mushy gel-like substance. I found that I was changing her more often.

I was going to continue to use the disposables. Only because of the convenience...not for any other reason. Because my reason was out of laziness, I decided to go back to cloth.

I'm glad I did!! I forgot how big their bums look in em'. They are too cute!! So, i'm back to stuffing pockets every morning. It's nice getting the colors to match her outfits.

Using Sign Language

Sarah is starting to use sign language. She signed the word, "More". This may not sound like a great feat to anyone , but for made my heart dance!! She signed it and then while watching "Baby Signing Time" I watched her as she signed the word to the song. Again I was so elated words cannot describe my joy.

I don't think she knows how to use the word in context. When I feed her, I'll aks, "More?" and sign it but she just looks at me and smiles. The next mile-stone will be for her to use the sign in it's proper context.