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Sarah's Birth Story

My due date was 8/25/08, but I knew I wasn't going to last till then. Thursday I actually thought I was going into labor…it turned out I was wrong…Or was I? Thursday I was having tons of contractions. When nothing happened I just assumed they were Braxton hicks and didn't think about it. Friday morning I woke up and it was a very quite day, no contractions. I wasn't feeling too good, uncomfortable because the baby was big but other then that…nothing that would lead me to think I was in labor.
We went and picked up a mattress for her crib and got her crib together..not that she's going to sleep in there for a while anyway. I just wanted to have it all set up. While we were in Babies R' Us, I got a Braxton hicks contraction…at least I thought it was. It was a strong one, but I just thought it was normal. Usually at the end of the day I would start to get more contractions. I just figured it was my body's was of telling me to rest.
That evening my son, Bobby had his…

Detailed Minutes of my Labor

Apparently my daughter, Stephanie is a detail person. While I was in labor with Sarah , she kept a timed list of what she felt was notable. With her permission I'm going to post it. Sarah's birth story with pictures will be on another blog post...when I can get to it.

Aug. 16,2008
4:41am - "Our mommy is in labor. She's having some minor pain but all in all she's excited. I'll keep you updated. I love you; I'm so excited."
4:44am - "Mommy put on Christian music to sooth you during the birth"
5:12am - "Mom finally got into the birthing pool. Her contractions are closer together and are more painful
5:19am - "Aunt Lorrane just got "Schooled" by the mid-wife. Martha's exact words were, "Pizzas get delivered, babies are born." You should've seen Aunt Rainys face,it was priceless!"
5:22am - "Mom's longest contraction in the water. I'm not exactly sure when it's going to end."
5:42am - &qu…