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Math - U - See Musings

I've decided to use Math U See this year. I looked at all the others... Singapore, Saxon, AOP, BJU, and truth be told, they are all pretty much the same. What I liked about MUS is that the manipulatives give children a good look at the numbers and how they work together. Yes, the other curriculums like Singapore and Saxon have manipulatives, but they're the same things you can buy in your local walmart. I love the 10 minute dvd's, which not only teaches the students but helps the parents to reteach and explain when needed. Another benefit is that they encourage memorization. ALL curriculum's teach for mastery, It would be hard to find one that says, "Yea, we teach it but we don't care if your child masters it.". The problem is that addition and subtraction are easy to understand conceptually, but I want my child to memorize her addition and subtraction facts. I don't want to see my child in 2nd or 3rd grade counting on her fingers.

The only problem I…