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Holiday Hangups....and other thoughts..

It's that time of the year again... Time for everyone to get offended!! I'm so tired of hearing about the whole "Happy Holidays" Vs. "Merry Christmas" debate. Who cares??!!??

Here's the thing... When you chose to go against the "norm", you don't have the right to get offended when people don't bow down to you. For example...

We don't celebrate Halloween. I know.. crazy right?? **Side Note** This was the first year we allowed our children to celebrate and it was last minute.. Seriously last minute, as in, we were buying costumes on Halloween and changing them in the store. I know... it's satanic and I get that.. However, that would mean that we wouldn't be allowed to watch Sofia the first or ANY Disney movie. All of them contain some type of Magic and garbage like that... If they don't contain magic they contain a ton of other religious stuff like in Mulan. That said... **Back to our original blog post. **

If we choose N…