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I love technology and Apple Products, But.......

We've been crazy busy here. Soccer season for my little Caveman and another meet for Flippin Princess this past weekend. We drove to Myrtle Beach, SC with some friends. She competed at the Coastal Classic. Sarah did very well and had a great time. 
**Free Pokemon and Starwars Notebook covers at the end of this post!! **

I love technology...specifically Apple Products. I use ALL Apple products. Iphone, Ipad and a Mac desktop. I've never been hacked on an Apple device. 
I was *thinking* about switching to an Android phone for the storage. I was getting a pedicure and these two ladies walked in. We started chatting and she had the new Note 9 phone?? Not sure but it was an android phone. She was my age or perhaps a bit older. She was telling me that she had the phone for a few months and had already been hacked. Well, that was the end of that!!! 
When my older two children were younger, we'd use a regular HP desktop, etc. I could get a new computer and within 6 months be havi…

April's Calendar AND The Coastal Classic

I can't believe it's March!!! The time goes quickly!  In Feb. I posted a blog with March's Calendar
Now I've got April's Calendar and Weekly Calendar!! I don't date them so that you can use them year after year! 
We're heading down to SC... Myrtle Beach!! Sarah is very excited. We're traveling with our friends, the Spencers! There are a few times in life where God brings people to you and they quickly become family!! This is them!! I love creating fun, colorful printables, and these cute photos. These girls have worked hard!! Sarah's competing USAG Silver and Khloe is competing USAG Gold!! Gold is a tough level. The competition is fierce and the judges are much tougher on the gymnasts. Khloe worked hard and I'm sure she'll do great! These two really do enjoy each other. What I love is when I hear them encouraging each other, or confessing when they're struggling with something. They push one another to be better, not just in gymnastic…