March Comes In like a Lion.......With a Little Sparkle

I love planners... All kinds of planners. For me carrying around a planner didn't work. I don't know why? I find that I put my appointments in my ICalendar. I have an iphone, Ipad and a Mac desktop, so they all sync up. Do you know what doesn't sync up?? The rest of my family. For some reason, my husband, who is an Applications Specialist, doesn't look at the Calendar. So our daily conversations start out with, "What are your plans for today?" 
I was trying to find a way to have our weekly and monthly plans out in the open for EVERYONE!!!. A one-Stop place for ALL Plans, appointments and agendas to be written down. A visual masterpiece for all to see!! An organizational dream !!!!
Ok, so that's a bit dramatic. 😂

I wanted a calendar that I could leave out. I didn't want it on the fridge. I don't like a cluttered fridge. 
I wanted something I could put in a frame or laminate. 
I came up with these. 

A two -page Calendar that can be printed out, put in a frame, laminated or even a dry erase sleeve. 
You put in the dates for the month, which means this calendar can be used EVERY YEAR!!
Since the calendars can be used every year, I decided to make them colorful!!! 
Why not?? 

My plan is to make monthly, themed calendars. Print them out, laminate them and then spiral bind them all together. I'll just open them up and fill them in as needed. Display the current month on my picture ledge in my kitchen. (Please excuse the dirty walls. We need to paint. )

As you can see, March isn't even here yet and we've got stuff on the calendar. Having them all printed out and laminated means that you can add appointments for the other months long before they're here. This is kind of like a reusable planner. 

Then I thought?? Maybe just having a weekly calendar would be helpful?? I created a matching weekly printable. You can put this in a picture frame and fill in your weekly appointments, you even have room to add in your meal plans for the week. You can laminate and use year after year. 

I used this in a sleeve and put on the fridge. This is a great option, especially if you have busy teens!! My kids are ALWAYS in the fridge. If they yell, "Maaaa whats for dinner?" you can tell them to look on the fridge. 
These are the Pockets I used. I write on them with a fine-tip Sharpie and then wipe clean with alcohol. 

Here I have it laminated on my picture ledge. This is a great option. I use the heavier laminate sheets, 5mil. This helps it to stand up. This is my preference, because you can reuse them and don't have to worry about it wearing out. Here is the laminator I use. It's great for documents up to 8.5 x 11, which is the max size I laminate at home. Anything larger I have printed off and laminated at an office supply store. I prefer the 5mil laminate. They stand up better on the picture ledges. Since I plan on spiral binding all the laminated calendars at some point, I'm going to use the 5mil. This isn't necessary if you're putting them in a frame or a dry erase pocket. 

I sprayed some alcohol on my laminated weekly calendar. You can see that the sharpie begins to wash off. It's THAT easy!!! I also use these with my children's daily school work planner. 

These are in a frame on my kitchen counter. These are 8-1/2 x 11" frames that I was able to get at Walmart. I can NOT Find them anymore. Now, these are the ones I get from Amazon. I would look in your local Walmart before ordering the ones I linked here from Amazon. 

You could even print these out, spiral bind them and make your own planner. What ever your decide, I hope that you enjoy them. They're free to download. Every few weeks, (Depending on anything that might pop up), I'll be posting another themed month. Next..... April!!! 

**Please do NOT share these free files with anyone. Have your friends and family come here to download. I do NOT require that you subscripbe or an email. I do NOT put my name on the documents. I'm sharing these on the honor system. I make money from advertising done on my blog, and I receive a small commision from Amazon if you use my link to purchase ANYTHING. Because of that, I can share these documetnts for free.**

Click on the links to download the files. 

God Bless, 

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