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Memorial Day 2019!!! **Free Monthly Calendar**

Happy Memorial Day!
For some,  this day is a sad one. They're missing loved ones who gave up their lives for our freedom. Thank you to those who have sacrificed everything!! Thank you to the spouses who are at home, keeping the home front going!! 
In celebration of this weekend, I was hoping to get this done earlier in the week and that wasn't happening.  I created a youtube Video/Vlog to show you how I use these. How I made them reusable and how I clean them off again and again.

**Youtube Video**
Please excuse the messy hair... the messy kitchen...and not-so-great video... life happens and I did this quickly.

This is one of the largest free downloads I've ever done. I'm very excited. I love this beautiful print from Chantahlia Designs!! (If you click on her website name, it'll take you right to her site.)  If you're looking to create your own calendars, visit her website. Everything is FREE!! FREE!! Thank you Janelle!!! 
I created this in 3 different sizes/for…