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Planner Perfection & Free Weekly Poster

I think my title is a bit dramatic, but that's how I feel.  For years, Nay...Decades, I've used paper planners. I couldn't find the perfect planner, so I started to create my own planner pages. Times change and my children's needs change, thus changing my own needs. My needs for the type of planner changed. They continue to change, sometimes from day-to-day. 
I didn't want lists all over the house, or apps all over my Ipad. I decided to try digital planning. I have Onenote and thought it would be a good idea. The only problem is setting up a planner, one that I liked, was worse than organizing underwear!! It took too much time and with children and all I had to  do, it wasn't something that I could stay focused on. I do have trouble focusing on things to begin with. 
Simplicity is one thing that helps my ADD. If it's simple, I can continue to follow through. This includes how I decorate and organize my home and also my planner. 
When you're searching f…