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Sewing with Little Ones

I've had more than one mom ask me, "How do you sew with little ones?". I say, "It's easy, I tape them to the wall.". Of course i'm joking, I wish it were that easy.

I do have a house to take care of, a 3 y/o and an 8 month old. Finding time to sew for my cloth diaper business can be tough. I also like to make my daughter's dresses, my son's diapers and not to mention other family members. Needless to say, my "To-do" List is never ending.

How do I do it?? How do I organize my time and sew ?? Here's all of my secrets.....

1. I pray...this may not seem important but when i'm focused on the Lord , He orders my days and I find that my priorities stay on the right track and my days are more productive.

2. I keep my expectations reasonable. In other words, If i'm sewing with both my little ones, I don't expect to get 45 minutes uninterrupted. That's NOT going to happen. My 3 y/o will play and entertain herself...I can e…