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Keeper of the Home

I love that title. how do we "keep" our homes? This is something that I've had to re-evaluate since Sarah was born. I'm having problems keeping up with the laundry. For those of you who know me in real life, I'm sure you're shocked to read that. Why am I having problems? It's simple...I'd much rather play or cuddle with Sarah. Knowing how quickly this time in her life will go by, gives me the patience to let the laundry pile up.

What I've figured out is that , "Keeper of the Home" doesn't mean that our home has to be perfect. It doesn't have to be clean or even organized. What it means is that it has to be a home..full of love and inviting to the family that lives there.

For me, who always wants a neat and organized home, this is a tough nut to swallow. In order for my home to be inviting..I've got to have a quiet and gentle spirit..this means that I've got to have peace no matter what my home looks like. Again, this is tou…

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling....

Sarah started rolling over. It's not a big deal, but it's darn cute!! She likes her new mobility and I have to say , I like watching her do it!

I've been very inconsistent with getting her to bed at night. Now that she's moving around, I'd better start training her. My problem is that she is too cute and i'm enjoying her so much. If she's not whining, I forget to put her to bed. By the time she starts fussing it's too late and she's really over tired. Now I have to listen to her cry, which breaks my heart. I'm a real softy with her. I'm not sure why..but I am.

Of all my children she is really the worst sleeper. Steph would be in bed at 8 pm and sleep 12 hours at this age. Bobby too. Sarah..not so good. She goes to bed at 7pm and then wakes around 3-4 am...I put her pacifier in her mouth and that will hold her off but not for too long. Lets see how she does tonight.

Happy New Year