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Who Are We Hurting??

This will NOT be a popular post but since I only have a few followers, I shouldn't offend too many.

First I want to start out by saying that I do NOT think that everyone should homeschool. I do NOT think that all Christians should homeschool. I think everyone is capable but not everyone is called to homeschool. I get that , I understand that.

Second, I do NOT think that homeschooling in anyway ensures that you will have sinless children that grow up into sinless adults. We all sin, that is why we need a savior. If you all have met my children, you can see 1st hand that they're not sinless, nor perfect. Homeschooling does not necessarily make adolescent years easier or better. It doesn't guarantee a successful career.

That said.......

Over the years, I've had Christian women look me in the face, over and over and say, " I don't homeschool because I want my children to be a light to the world.".

For many years I sat back and watched the fruit of their decis…