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Let Them Get Bored!!!

People ask me , "Why do you homeschool?".

There is NOT one answer to that question. I would also say that my reasons change from day to day. There are SO many reasons that I love homeschooling, to answer that question in one sentence, really isn't possible.

Lately i've noticed another wonderful reason. I simply LOVE being with my children.

I have watched my friends, now and over the years and homeschooling is actually easier. That's right...I said it. "It's easier!"

My friends are always exhausted, stressed and running around. They're always "busy" and seem to be spinning their wheels but not really getting anywhere. Ever feel that way??

When I ask them ,"Why are you so busy"....Here is a quick condensed version of their day..... (Paraphrasing of course)

I wake up, get the kids up, feed them breakfast, get them dressed, on the bus...then I clean up, get the laundry, clean, grocery …

The School room Remodel

I love when I get to organize. When you're painting the whole main level and the basement at the same time, Not so much.
It's like moving!! I love being able to clean and throw away tons of stuff that we've accumulated in the past 12 years. It's just the amount of clutter right now could make me a little crazy if I had OCD...which I don't. Honestly, I don't. Ok, maybe a little.

Here's a video of our "Before". I don't know why the video is sideways, and I can't seem to fix it.

Loving, Learning and Leaning on Christ

**Updated**Norwex Vs. Ecloth ** Updated **

A friend of mine started selling Norwex. I had no idea what it was at the time. She sent me an invite to her party, via Facebook. I decided to look and I couldn't make it to the party but I wanted to buy something. I went to the Norwex site and was shocked at the prices. I though, "Oh no way!"
Then I thought, "Holly isn't impulsive. She's not someone who would waste money, these must be good". I went and watched some of the video's she posted about the product and was intrigued.

I decided to buy the "Enviro cloth" and "Window cloth". They were pricey but if they could do what the video showed me, you know...the one with the chicken?? After I ordered, I decided to do some research. Yea, I know, I spent the money and THEN decided to research? A little backwards but either way, I wanted to support my friend.

Chicken test and cross contamination test with Norwex

In my research, I came across, Ecloths. These were suppose to do the same…