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2016 - 2017 School Year!

Here we are again, another school year. Every year I feel more and more blessed to be able to homeschool my children. I don't have an over abundance of patience, I'm not "Super mom", I'm not even close to perfect. Some how the Lord uses all of my imperfections and theirs to make up our imperfect , but lovable home. 
I look forward to our mornings together. I look forward to when David pretends not to know something but really does. He loves to see the look of shock on my face when I realize that he knew it. I love when Sarah reads something and says, "Hey ma! Did you know that..." 

All of it brings joy to me. Watching them learn something new, watching them play about what they're learning. Watching them becoming more and more independent, asking more questions. It all fits together so perfectly. Even with the spilled milk, markers all over, beads I slip on and toy cars in every crevice , I love it. 
This year we're using ACE , Accelerated Chri…