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Christmas Eve/Day


WOW!! Pacifiers..the greatest invention ever!!

Ok, so I should share a little history.

My first dd never took ds never took one but found his thumb at two months old and I was happy. It was great.

Now comes my little Sarah. She did not take a all. She would spit it out and acted like we had given her poison. So, because of the history with my other two I put the binkies in with her toys and forgot about them.

Many people have asked if she took one...I've told them "no". Some people assumed I was against them...i'm not. She never found her thumb but has been sucking on her fingers lately. I think it's cute but didn't think much of it. She was also starting to find her thumb once in a she would alternate between her fingers..1, 2, or 3..what ever mood she was in or she would suck her thumb. It's a cute but disgusting sight that only a mother could love. There's my baby sucking a few fingers...sometimes gagging herself because she doesn't know when to stop...drool dri…

Christmas 2008


Home Binder 101

People have asked about how you make a House Binder. Some have asked me what a House Binder is. Here is the answer to that....
A house binder is a binder where I keep all my daily schedules, important documents, menus..basically what I use to run my home. It's a central brain for the
Here is how to make one.

Here is how to get started:
First you need to purchase a 3-ring binder. I would purchase one that is at least 3". Even if you don't think you'll need one that big...I would still purchase'll fill it up.
The binders I purchase are white with a clear pocket in the front. This is what you can slip your personalized/decorated paper into. Second, you need to personalize your binder. Make sure it's something that makes you smile. It can be what you want. Mine has our name on it "Paulsen Family", with one of my favorite scriptures from Proverbs. I also printed out something to decorate the side of my binder too. You can even have…

4 Week Menu Planning....Made Easy???

A few women have asked me about menu planning and once a month grocery shopping. I decided to blog about it so that I have an on going diary for my daughters.

I have a 4 week menu...this is actually the first month that i'm trying it. It's a menu to go's not set in stone. Like any schdule, it's a guide. It's not something that you want to be held in bondage to. I've done a weekly menu in the past, but a 4 week menu helps if you are doing once a month shopping.

Here are some tips:
Keep breakfast and Lunch the same every week. What I mean by this, is that every Mon. we eat pancakes, every Tues. we eat eggs, every Wed. we eat muffins, For breakfast. Luches are done in the same manner. This means that you only have to worry about changing your dinners.
Go through your recipes & your freezer and cubboards when planning your menu. This is a great way to use up what you have and to make sure you have what you need.

Getting Started:
First sit down with all your…

Cooking in Bulk

Some refer to this as "Once a Month Cooking". I don't refer to it like that. The reason I don't...I call it "bulk" cooking because the meals I make usually last much longer then one month.
Cooking in bulk is a great idea to help save money, ease your time in the kitchen and to help with meals when some one is in need. Remember, our homes are our ministry and helping others is part of that.

Some things to consider:
How much room do you have?
What meals do you want to make?
How can I save money?

How much room do you have?
This is an important one. If you don't have much room, then you can't cook in bulk the way I do. You can still cook and freeze,but not the volume you'd like. What I would do if you are only dealing with a regular freezer, I would make some extra pancakes for the following week...make a double batch of what you are making that week. So that the next week you won't have to cook as much. You'll actually have a heavier cook week an…

Organizing Recipes 101 (with Pictures)

Women have asked me how I organize my recipes. This is something that is important to me. What good is it if I have tons of recipe books, but never look at the recipes? I do have lots of books...I don't always have time to go through them to pull out recipes.

These are only a few of my recipe books. These happen to be my favorites.
So how do you keep track of all your favorite recipes amidst a ton of books?

I use a recipe's that simple. A 4 x 6 recipe box. This is mine:I created this box because I didn't have room in my kitchen to store all my recipe books and running up and down the stairs to the basement everytime I wanted a recipe was not convenient...good for exercise, but not convenient.
Here is what I did...
1. Purchased a really cute box
2. Purchased 4 x 6 index card
3. Purchased stick on tabs to make my own dividers
4. purchased some peel and stick laminate sheets
5. downloaded a free template for recipes for my "Word" program.
6. Made a list of divd…

A Few New Events.....

Sarah is now 4 months old. Here is what i've noticed.
She is grasping items much better and can actually switch hands.
She smiles and laughs constantly. All I have to do is look at her and she smiles.
Funny enough..she doesn't smile for the camera.
When she wakes up from her naps....or in the morning...she talks and coo's to herself. It's really adorable. I love listening to her.
When I go in to get her, she is lying on her belly and all I have to say is , "Where is my Sarah?" and she smiles.
She likes people and faces. Watching people in a crowded room, like at church will entertain her for hours.
Because of the aforementioned entertainment, it isn't necessary to keep her on her schedule. We can stay out late with her and she doesn't get cranky. She will sleep late if we put her to bed late. (this is great)
When I lay her down for her nap or to sleep at night...I notice when I go to get her that she is in a totally different spot and even in a different dire…

Why I Blog...

People blog for many different reasons. I simply blog so that I'll have a journal for my children. A journal of my trials, my blessings, my wisdom and many other home making ideas.

I also want to keep a journal of the new things that Sarah does. I'm terrible about writing them in a baby book.

I've had other blogs and I was amazed at the interest in my homemaking ideas, like, recipes boxes and a house binder.

I want one blog site for all of it. For my home making advice , my parenting wisdom...and for when the Lord talks to my heart. Here is where I'll keep it for my children.

In Christ, Laura