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Help Me Name My New Business

What made me decide to start a business was the interest in my fresh milled bread. It seems that people will not take the time to make it but will buy it. I'm going to have my water tested this week and then i'll be on my way to getting my ktichen certified for making my bread.

I plan on selling my bread at craft fairs and also one day a week people can come and pick up bread that they've pre-ordered. I will be eventually adding fitted diapers, diaper covers, wet bags, nursing covers and cloth wipes.

The name I was hoping to name it was "Doodle Bunz"...It's good for bread and for diapers. It seems that there is already a web site with that name.

I have to come up with a new name.

Right now I'm thinking of "Yummy Bunz" the website would read

I need to come up with a name and then register the domain. I'm going to take all the suggestions I get here and check if there is an open domain for it. The winners will then be voted o…

1st B'day Pictures

Today my husband, Rob and I , braved the elements, (Rain) and took Sarah to get her 1 y/o pictures.

Why we do this to ourselves, I have no idea. We get them dressed, feed them and then off we go with our happy little babies. It seems that as soon as we put them on the table to take the pictures...something goes wrong.

Today wasn't too bad. I laugh when I watch the inexperienced camera person trying to get a smile outta' a 1 year old. It's actually quite humorus. This poor man takes a toy out to get Sarah's attention and she goes to grab the toy. This of course causes her to move forward and almost fall off the table. My husband moves at lightning fast speed, (he's right next to her) and grabs her before she plunges head first to the floor. This causes her to smile. As my heart is beating a mile a minute, I smile back at her and BAM!! He snaps the picture. Ok that one wasn't too bad. We continue to act like clowns to get her to smile. This wasn't too hard beca…

Pictures Of My 1st Fitted Diapers.

Some would think I was pathetic, but anytime I learn something new...I get excited. The thought of converting my prefolds to fitteds is exciting. At least to me it is. I can save ALOT of money converting them myself. This particular pattern is great for those who don't have a serger. Since my serger is tempermental...this was good for me. Here are some pics of my first diapers. Ok, maybe not the first ones but the ones that are usable.

This is my prefold BEFORE
This is my prefold after. It's now a fitted prefold. The only thing I would change would be the messy sewing. My machine was giving me a hard time on one of my settings.
This is another fitted I made. It has a soaker I made in the center. It's really cute but I add a tri-folded prefold for more absorption. The only thing I would change about this diaper would be to add more of a soaker. I'd add some diaper twill with a Zorb center.

To Sew or Not to Sew...That is the question

Ok, so the title is corny but it fits.

I just made my first fitted diaper. I love it!! I use a prefold in it so that only cotton is touching Sarah's tushy. It's great because it keeps all poo's in the prefold and not on the cover. I don't know why this bothers me. I've got enough covers that If I wanted to change her cover with each change I could.

Since I love the fitteds and I love the material that prefolds are made from...I ordered some "Tinkle Traps". These things are great. The comfort and absorbtion of a prefold with the convenience of a fitted. I love them. They are much easier to put on with a wrestling toddler.

Now my problem is...Do I make my own? The Tinkle Traps I purchased were $8.00 each. I can make my own much cheaper. I love the idea of making my own. My problem is my serger. Can I get it to work? Can I keep it running? Can I thread the darn thing? These are the questions.

Since I love making things myself , or in my case, learning how..I thi…


I've always wanted to learn sign language. I found a great dvd series called "Baby Signing Time". This is a dvd series for infants up to age three. It's visual, audio and musical. Babies love it.

Sarah loves this series. I haven't allowed her to watch tv, except signing time. From the time she was about 6 months old, I'd put on the dvd and watch it with her. It's the only show that actually keeps her attention.

I started this because I wanted to teach her ASL. I really didn't think it would keep tantrums at bay. I was wrong. The benefits are amazing. Sarah has an extensive vocbulary and understands many , many words and commands. What I didn't expect was her talking and signing at the same time. She uses many signs at a year old and will also say them.

She currently signs:
banana (this is funny when she signs it)
pancake (she loves my home made pancakes)
signing, as in "Signing Time"

She often uses her hands but i'm no…

My Cloth Diapering Adventures

It seems that cloth diapering can become addicting. Yes, even something as mundane as changing your baby's diaper can become fun...when you're as nuts as I am.

Sarah has a sensitive tushy. This is odd because she doesn't seem to have any allergies at all. Either way...she was NOT doing well with the expensive , fancy pocket diapers I was using. Bum Genius and Fuzzy Bunz. I loved those diapers. They were easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to use out in public. Basically the best of both worlds...the ease and comfort of disposables, the natural , non-chemical , cuteness of cloth. With the exception of having to wash dirty diapers every evening..these were a pleasure to use.

She got a horrible rash around 8 months old...around the time that she weened from nursing. I thought it was yeast, acidic urine, etc. I didn't want to think about her being allergic or sensitive to the suede cloth of the pocket diapers I was using.

Finally the rash cleared up. I was using disposable di…