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Burdened or Blessed??

Do you ever have days that just go on forever?? From the moment I woke up this morning, I had something to do.

Allow me to itemize my day:
Feed the kids
Get dressed
Start schooling
My sister came over.
Lawyer from the bank , we closed on our new mortgage
Feed the kids,
Clean the house
Feed the kids
Water and food for the chickens
Gather the eggs
Feed the kids
Finish school work
write up curriculum for next week
Head to the library
Bathe the kids
Feed everyone dinner
Take the kids to Gems and Cadets.

So, this was my day.

I am always teaching my children that they're not to "Grumble or Complain", so many days I do my work without complaining. I've mastered the fine art of not complaining ... OUTWARDLY!! yikes!!!

What my mind a whole other story.

Sometimes , the Lord , in his graciousness , shows me the err of my ways and for that i'm truly grateful.

As I was driving back from the library by myself, I was enjoying my time alone and thin…