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The Sadness I see....

This is probably going to be one of the most honest blogs i'll ever write. I'm not really an open person.
Over the years i've mastered the art of having an entire conversation without really revealing anything deep or private. I'm a guarded person but for the first time...the veil (Pun intended) is coming down.

My heart breaks when I see moms so passionately putting others down for not breast feeding or for vaccinating, or NOT Vaccinating. We see memes and even commercials trying to bridge these gaps and I for one love those!!
I breast fed, I bottle fed, I home birthed, I had a c-section, I vaccinated, I don't vaccinate.....I "Cried it out", I co-slept.... and I can tell you that I did ALL THESE THINGS...having had two sets of kids, I can say that I had a "Do-over". God is good!!!

Did my decisions make much of a difference?? Sure..some did , some didn't but I don't think my way is the ONLY Way, or the right way. Why?? Because parenting i…