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Their Never Too Young To Start Teaching

I love teaching my children. That is, after all why I choose to home school. With the arrival of Sarah, starts this whole process over again. To be honest...I LOVE IT!! I love watching her face as she realizes what she's looking at or at the marvel when she sees the birds fly.

This age is so very easy to teach. Everything is a lesson. Walking, talking, shopping, swimming,....and the list goes on and on.

Here is what we've been working on lately:

Listening to mama, (ok, this one is vague).

I've been trying to teach her to come to "mama" when I call her. I hate having to run after them.

we've been focusing on our sign language. She loves these dvd's and hasn't started signing,but has started saying the words. Her vocabulary is big, her eye/hand coordination...not so good. LOL Whenever I can ,I use the signs or see items that we've learned the sign to, I focus on those. We're woking on "Bird" these days.

Sarah loves the pool. She has no fear.…

And She's Off

Off and running. It's official. Sarah is now walking. It actually looks funny. She's not even 10 months. She has tiny feet for her size, she's only a size 2. When she walks, It's doesn't look right because she's so small. Either way...she's walking and it's adorable to me. She likes to be near me, so it's working out quite nicely. She plays and then comes to find me. If I don't see her, then I go and find her. I caught her in the bathroom, because I heard the toilette flush. I walked in to see a huge grin on her face as if to say, " Look what neat thing I did".

She still isn't the greatest at taking naps. She cat naps..that's just the way she is. She sleeps great at night, so I can't complain. Another good thing about her is that if we're out late, She doesn't get cranky. She'll sleep on me in the Ergo carrier or stay awake and socialize. This has actually worked out well because Rob and I are taking an evangeli…

Watching Her Grow

I'm watching Sarah grow and i'm amazed at every turn. Not that she's doing anything least not to anyone else but me.

She went from barely crawling to crawling and standing up in less then two weeks. Now she's cruising around and starting to really get the hang of walking. She'll reach out for me to take her hand so that she can walk without falling.

She's not doing anything amazing or out of the ordinary but for me...I'm amazed by it all. I watch in awe as I see the Lord's work in action. The love I feel for her is only a small portion of what the Lord feels for her, or me for that matter.

She loves to sleep on me and I love when she sleeps on me. I love when she puts her head down and I listen to her rythmic breathing. Does the Lord love when we rest in Him? When we lay our heads down on Him? Does he listen to our breathing, knowing that He is our Breath of Life, and enjoy it?

I know He Does and I'm awed by His love for me.