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Extreme Makeover: Web Edition

It's finally going to happen. I'm finally going to get my Precious Bunz web site up and running.

I've been selling diapers for over two years on Hyena Cart and Etsy. Of the two of those, I really like Etsy. I also do alot of sales on my Facebook page, but I also have a privately owned website. Yup, a real honest-to-goodness website for my business.
Right now the site looks awful and I don't use it.
Thanks to my wonderful husband, I am hiring Angel Hartline from Angel Hartline Designs to redesign my website, Precious Bunz Diapers and Supplies.

I'm so excited. This is the same woman who design the new Babyville Boutique website AND actually created some of their proprietary designs for their new line of PUL. Now that's one talented woman!!

What a privilege and an honor to have her help me design my new look. Although, I use the term "Help" loosely...I'm thinking that she's going to do all the work and I'm going to say, "WOW, that l…

Biblical Character Trait: Orderly

This week I decided to mix two curriculums together for Sarah. I love the .Hubbardscupboard free curriculum that i'm using. I was using the 3 y/o curriculum "Bible and Rhyme". I love that this goes over numbers but I really like the 4 y/o curriculum on Character. So I decided to blend them and take the best of both for Sarah. Next year my plan is to use Bob Jones.

So this first week we did "Orderly". I am a very organized person but even so, once we started studying the scripture and reciting our memory verse, "But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way" 1 Cor. 14:40, I was a bit convicted.

I've noticed that my home can go from Orderly / Clean to chaos in SECONDS!! I don't understand how it can turn so quickly but with two little ones, an older son, sewing, preschool and just good ole' living...this is one busy house.

This started me thinking, "What is orderly". I think this will look differently to many mom…