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FBSport 13' tumble mat review

It's Summertime!! Time for new skills and lots of drills. 
Sarah's birthday is in August, but we decided to give her gift to her early so that she'd have all summer to practice with it. 
We decided to try the FBSport 13' Air Tumble mat. 
As the mom, my review is...
Great mat!! While I love the durability of the mat, It isn't' as wide as pictured on Amazon. It's a strong vinyl. The mat is 4" thick, and feels almost like a gel mat. More bouncy than I had imagined. 
Sarah and her friend, Khloe did a video review. They both loved the mat. 
Sarah is looking to get her own Youtube account. This over-protective mama isn't too crazy about the idea.  If she gets 300 likes, I'll let Flippin Princess get her own Youtube channel...with me moderating it. 
Here is their review. 
Sarah and Khloe's Review.

Memorial Day 2019!!! **Free Monthly Calendar**

Happy Memorial Day!
For some,  this day is a sad one. They're missing loved ones who gave up their lives for our freedom. Thank you to those who have sacrificed everything!! Thank you to the spouses who are at home, keeping the home front going!! 
In celebration of this weekend, I was hoping to get this done earlier in the week and that wasn't happening.  I created a youtube Video/Vlog to show you how I use these. How I made them reusable and how I clean them off again and again.

**Youtube Video**
Please excuse the messy hair... the messy kitchen...and not-so-great video... life happens and I did this quickly.

This is one of the largest free downloads I've ever done. I'm very excited. I love this beautiful print from Chantahlia Designs!! (If you click on her website name, it'll take you right to her site.)  If you're looking to create your own calendars, visit her website. Everything is FREE!! FREE!! Thank you Janelle!!! 
I created this in 3 different sizes/for…

Laundry Organization with Ikea- *Free Laundry Labels*

Everyone once in a while, I get an idea that really excites me.  I've seen all these great laundry basket ideas and none of them really worked for me. I had hung up baskets on my laundry room wall, which worked but really were too big. They took up too much room and were really over-kill for what we needed. By the time the large baskets were filled, it was over 2 loads for me. 
I saw this at Ikea and took a chance. This is the taller Ikea Algot Frame with 3 of the larger baskets. 
I should mention that I use a Speed Queen laundry set. My washing machine is A-MAZ-ING!! I actually get to wash in hot water!! My machine is NOT an HE Machine and I love it! I get a large load washed and washed well in about 30 minutes. I don't have to use any scented laundry additives because my machine actually cleans my clothing thoroughly...with HOT WATER and it rinses in enough water to get all  the soap out.  I mention this because I don't know if my machines are as large as today's ne…

Free Poster Calendar!!!

With Summer quickly approaching, many of us are looking forward to the break from the school year. 
We are year-round homeschoolers, which means that we only take off the month of July. 
This year, because of Sarah's gym schedule, we may be changing that. 
Looks like she'll be going from 9am - 12 am 4 days a week. So getting school work done in the morning may be a bit harder. 
I love the freedom of homeschooling and add to that year-round homeschooling and we've got PLENTY of extra time to play with. This shouldn't be too big an issue because Sarah is great at managing her time. That's one thing that homeschooling is great for teaching, *Time Management*. 
One of the biggest issues we've had is keeping track of everyone's schedules. I know that many keep their appointments on their phones. Some keep a planner, etc. 
I keep all my appointments on my phone, which is great. The problem is that my husband doesn't. My children don't have phones, so tha…

All About That Ace......

I couldn't help but sing that title. 😊

This is a video that I made. It goes over what ACE is,  (In the simplest form), How we use it, and how we use it with our Classical curriculum. 
Ace can be used with any Other curriculum. 
You can use all or part of it. It's a great core curriculum. 
Here you have some ideas on how to add to it. 
All About ACE
**Quick Note** I use reusable goal cards. I laminate them and write on them with Sharpie, then wipe off with alcohol. Many can be found here on my blog  or onthe Facebook Group page for free in the files section,  ACE Homeschool Moms Lounge. 

I'll be making more goal cards in different themes in the future. I'll post them here on my blog. Please click the link and subscribe to my blog. My documents are always free and I don't require that you subscribe but it makes it easier for you to get a notification for each new blog post.