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Another Year........

It's that time again. Getting ready to start a new school year. The kids are semi-excited.  Ok, not that excited, but I am!!!

This year we've got lots of changes. The new school room, David is now joining us with Kindergarten and we've switched up our curriculum.

This year we're using My Father's World, Adventures in US History. The kids are looking forward to that one. Sarah loves when I read to her. She doesn't like reading, but loves when I read to her. I'll be able to include David. I'm using ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) For Math and Language Arts. I wanted something easy and not too teacher intensive. The Paces are a great way to teach with out needing so many supplies and it helps them to become a little more independent.

For David i'm using Easy Peasy, which is a free online curriculum , using the McGuffey Readers. David is only 4 and doesn't really need to be in Kindergarten but he's ready. At the rate he's going, he'…