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Extreme Makeover: School Room Edition What a dramatic title eh?? 
I've been homeschooling since 1998 and i've NEVER had an official school room. I've never really felt the need for one. I feel that learning is something we do all over the house and so i've never allocated a space for it. I have had shelving for our books but never a whole room!! 
With my youngest two children, we're using a different type of curriculum, so many days I would find myself with books, teachers manuals and my teacher binder sprawled all over the kitchen table. If the kids wanted a drink or a snack , I would shove all those over to one side and hope that no one spilled anything. 
I had decided that when we paint, I would take the toy room and convert it to school room. 
With our "Before" video, you can see that in our "After" video that the room is like what I had planned, as the room was forming, it was amazing to see my vision come to life. This is really a great u…