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Today's Tragedy...

My heart and prayers go out to those 20 families who lost their precious babies today. Yes, I called them babies. 5 year olds are still considered babies in my book. So young to go home to the Lord. My only consolation as a believer in Christ is that those babies are in the arms of Jesus.

This comes as little or no comfort for their families. These poor parents have gifts under their trees for their children that will never be opened by them. Little beds that will no longer be slept in. We mourn with them but can not truly know the pain and sorrow they must be feeling. Their empty arms prayerfully filled by a loving spouse who can truly know the pain they're going through. My prayer is that these families grip onto the Loving God who is the only one who can comfort them in this time if grief.

People ask, "Why?"...there is only one answer...Evil. Pure evil.
We are a lost society and until we go back to our Biblical roots, will only get worse.


Reviving my Blog...

It's been a while..I've missed my blog. I just haven't had time. Not that I don't have alot to share , it's just that time is short and i'm always trying to get a weeks worth of stuff done in one day. Ain't that all moms??

Many new changes since my last blog..I think my last posts were about changing my business page and doing a whole new layout...
My layout changed alright...
I closed up shop.
That's right...I closed up my cloth diaper business.
Many have asked me, "why?".
It's simple. My children. I'm a homeschooling mom, and I started doing PreK with Sarah. PreK isn't tough and doesn't really take up much time with prep work, but I really enjoy being with my children. I don't know why but the thought of putting them on a school bus or driving them and dropping them off at a building makes me sad.
Sarah has a love of learning. Whether is reading or learning about different bugs, her eyes light up with joy as she learn…