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Getting Ready for Puerto Rico

We're down to the last week before vacation. I decided to do a more in depth blogging of vacation. After all, if anything can bring on lots of humorous adventures, vacationing with a 1-1/2 year old is it!! I'm sure Sarah will give me lots to blog about.

We've been enjoying this beautful weather. It almost makes me sad that we're spending all this money and the weather is gorgeous here. Not that I want the weather to take a turn for the worse but it does justify the money we're spending on vacation. Sarah loves being outside. This morning she woke and the first thing she said to me was, "Walk". This is her way of saying, "lets go for a walk". She can walk alot. I was surprised, I've been taking her for walks and she just keeps going and going. She loves to kick her ball around the back yard. She just kicks it and then runs to catch up and kicks it again. I'm thinking she's gonna be a soccer player. It seems that three out of three of…