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Pre-K Week 2

Here we are starting week 2 of Sarah's pre-k. The first week went very well. Sarah LOVES to use shaving cream and write her numbers. I'm still not sure if she's a lefty or a righty. She does write with both. I think she's leaning more towards the right side but i'm not 100% yet.

She also loved doing the "Number sort". This worked out well because she could recongnize more of her numbers than I realized. Once she got to "3" she said to me, "What number is this?", I said, "3" and she never asked again. She got it!!
This week she's sick. I said to her today, "Are you going to be well enough to do your school work?" and with a big grin she said, "YES"..then she wiped her runny nose with the back of her hand. Ugh!!

God Bless,

Today was a Long Day...

Have you ever had days that never seem to end? I got alot done but it was exhausting.

I went to church today and was able to listen to the entire sermon because David was good. What a blessing!! Then I spent some time talking to the Pastor's wife about couponing. This is something i'm looking forward to getting in to. I don't want to go the the extreme of those mom's i've seen on the show but not having to pay for some toilettries definately sounds GREAT!!

We came home from church, fed David. My husband fed Sarah. I started laundry, cleaning and then a friend came over to help me video a sewing tutorial. This was more work than I thought. I also DON'T like seeing myself on camera. I've got 75lbs to lose and have only lost 5lbs. I just started my diet, so 5lbs is good but when you've still got 70lbs to go, it get's a little daunting. i'm using My Fitness Pal, it's free and I love it!!

We didn't get done with the vid…

Hurricane's, Couponing and Pre-K .......

Hurricane...That's not typically a word that you hear up here in the Northeast. Here in NY we usually get nothing more than a tropical storm and where I am upstate, we just get wind and rain. This past weekend we had Hurricane Irene come through...Lets just say the song "Good night Irene" was never more sung. She whipped through the NY and tri-state area with high-winds and tons of rain. It was the rain that bothered most. Homes that didn't usually flood had water damage, yard damage, etc. We had minimal damage. Our landscaped area in front had all the mulch washed away. Not a big deal at all. We are so blessed. No water damage, no wind damage.

We did lose our electricity, this was something that I knew would happen and was prepared for. Or was I? I thought I was prepared...I thought I could handle it. I was wrong.
NO electricity and having a 3 y/o and a 6 month old is tough!! We lost our electricity on Sunday morning and Monday evening we found out that they weren…