February Goal Card

For many homeschoolers, February is a dreaded month! 
It's been a long school year and by this time, we're tired. 
What a great time for some new goal cards!! 
This fun print can be used any time of the year. I added in some hearts for fun. 
You can always put the date in the hearts and your students name in the label box. 

Just Print, laminate, or stick in a dry erase pocket and enjoy. 

I use mine with sharpie markers and clean them off weekly with alcohol. 

**Please do NOT Share the file with anyone. Send them here, to my blog to download. 
I downloaded these graphics from Chantahlia Design. Please visit her site to create your own documents. 

Click Here to Download!


  1. Hi, i used ace with my daughter a couple of yrs ago and may be going back to it this year. As i was scrolling down there was an ad for "live tarot" i thought i would let you know.
    Your goal cards are cute. Thanks jessica

    1. Hi Jessica,
      I have no control over the advertising. I think as more mom's come to my blog, Google will get a bit smarter about the ad's they place... more for my target demographic...Until then, Just ignore.
      Thanks , I hope you enjoy the goal cards. I'm working on Attendance sheets now. Laura


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