3rd Grade Ace: Science & Social Studies #1026

Some of the topics covered in pace #1026 For Science
Plants and seeds. Parts of a plant, crops. Pollination and seeds.

Many of these topics you can dig deeper into.

Here are some of the cute things I've found.


Parts of a Plant:


Social Studies:

Natural Resources:

All about the Hoover Dam

There are so many youtube video's on Dam's that if you'd like to watch some with your children, just go to youtube and type in "All about dams"...The video's are ENDLESS!!!

There is one topic that I'm covering that isn't covered by A.C.E. and that's "Irrigation Systems".
There reason that i'm including it is because in Science, we're learning about plants , how they grow, etc and in Social Studies we're talking about Natural resources ....seems to me that Water and plants together = Irrigation systems. You can just skip this, I thought it might be something my kids would enjoy learning about.

Irrigation System: 

Because we're talking about plants and natural resources...this led me to the Carbon and oxygen cycles...(Is my geek-I-ness starting to show?? )


Both the Science and Social Studies paces complimented each other with these topics. There is so much more I can add but i'll stop here.

Another great resource that I love are the Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedias. These are great , year after year. You can find most of the topics in one of their books. I am not an Usborne Rep, and I do not receive any compensation for my endorsement. If you have a local rep, I highly recommend starting a library of them. If you don't, here is a great mom that I use. She's helpful and quickly answers your questions. You can also find her on Facebook. Here is her link: Jennifer Mason

I can't imagine ANYONE saying that this is boring??

PS: I'm learning how to add descriptions as my links. That should make my next blog post even better!!

God Bless and Happy Learning,


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