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3rd Grade Ace: Science & Social Studies #1026

Some of the topics covered in pace #1026 For Science
Plants and seeds. Parts of a plant, crops. Pollination and seeds.

Many of these topics you can dig deeper into.

Here are some of the cute things I've found.


Parts of a Plant:


Social Studies:

Natural Resources:
All about the Hoover Dam

There are so many youtube video's on Dam's that if you'd like to watch some with your children, just go to youtube and type in "All about dams"...The video's are ENDLESS!!!

There is one topic that I'm covering that isn't …

3rd Grade ACE - Science and Social Studies #1025

It seems that there are many topics covered in both Science and Social Studies. Both of these subjects are a favorite of my daughters. I don't want her getting bored and I LOVE the idea of going deeper in certain areas that interest her.

I want to keep a running list of links that i'll be using to go deeper. These will be for fun and not all of them will be used. I just LOVE the idea of having them available. I thought others might too.

Now i'm pulling out *some* of the topics I think we're going to want to dig deeper in. There are other topics that I may add and there are some YOU may find more interesting. This is NOT a complete listing.

Lets get started.

Science Pace # 1025
The starts with Creation (Of course). We've done Creation many times. It seems like every curriculum likes to start with Creation. That said, ACE takes it slightly further with talking about scientific principles in Creation. Here are some links to go with some of those topics.

I love using Yo…

To Critique or not to critique.....??

My daughter loves to write stories. Some stories are more elaborate than others. Some are quite detailed with chapters and everything!!

Did I mention that she's 7 years old and up until this year, she hated reading?? Yup...this was the kid who hated reading.

What changed?? The curriculum I was using. I decided to try A.C.E Paces and she has just soared. Her reading has gotten better, she enjoys school and LOVES writing stories.

My problem you ask??
When she shows me her work, my first instinct is to grade it. To correct the spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. It's pretty bad, because she's only 7. Seven with a large vocabulary and has much to put on paper without the skills to do it effectively. That said, a little voice in my head said, "For crying out loud ...SHUT UP!!!" That is exactly how my subconscious speaks to me. I don't listen to quiet whispers.

My daughter is enjoying writing. She's enjoying reading. As much as it pains me, u…