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The First Week

You would think that the first week of my New Year's resolution would be the wasn't. I had a few curve balls that tempted me to break it, but I stood firm.

My little guy, David, got sick. High fever, waking me up at night and a bad cough. This alone is enough to make you crave your comfort foods, but I stood my ground. If that wasn't bad enough, I grabbed one of my meals that I had frozen in a FoodSaver bag and decided to make that. It was my home made Chicken and Dumplings. It happens to be one of Sarah and Davids favorite meals. The first time I made it, I gave David a taste while it was cooking. I turned around to stir the pot and when I turned back , David had picked up his plate and was literally licking it clean. That's how much they like it.
Back to my story. I put the bag in water and bring it to a boil. When the bag was done, I lifted it out of the pot and the bottom seam ripped open, sending our dinner sliding down into the boiling water.
The …

Eating In...The Beginning

This may not seem like the normal New Year's resolution but I decided that mine would be to NOT order in or eat out for 3 months (Trying to go for 6 months).

I want to do this for both health and financial reasons.

We spent way too much money visiting our son in Texas, ( I LOVE Texas), for his basic training graduation from the Air Force. The plane ride, hotel, eating out and the attractions we went to was a small fortune. Sea World in San Antonio is very supportive of their military men and families and actually allowed Bobby , my son, and 3 people to go for free. That was really a blessing because it's very expensive. The only one we had to pay for was my youngest daughter, who is 4 years old. We got a discounted rate for her of $40.00. It was a great deal. We also went to a local TGIFriday's and was pleasantly surprised that the manager gave us a $20.00 discount because he saw Bobby in his "Blues". Texas is really supportive of military men and families. Did …